Samsung Electronics made an announcement that it has been mass-producing 16Gb GDDR6 DRAMs, which are twice faster than current products, since last month through 10-nano-level process. Speed of data transmission by GDDR6 DRAM is 18Gbps and it more than doubles the speed of previous generation (GDDR5: 8 Gbps). Its operating voltage is 1.35V and its efficiency is better than its previous generation (1.55V) by 35%. Its area is 30% smaller than 20-nano DRAMs. Samsung Electronics explained that GDDR6 DRAM implements super-fast speed, high capacity, super-small size, and super power-saving ability at the same time.

Samsung Electronics is the first business in this industry to mass-produce GDDR6 DRAMs. Graphic card manufacturers are now able to release their next-generation products, which drastically reduce size and electricity consumption, on proper time through 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM.
“We started to mass-produce world’s first 20-nano 8Gb GDDR5 DRAMs (8Gbps) in December of 2014 and we once again started to mass-produce world’s first 10-nano 16Gb GDDR6 DRAMs (18Gbps), which double speed and capacity of GDDR5 DRAM, that have helped us to lead growth of markets for premium graphic DRAMs.

Samsung Electronics is predicting that 16Gb GDDR6 DDRAM will be an optimum solution for learning system based on parallel computing for implementing AI and development of 8K resolution super-high quality systems.

“We are able to supply products with best speed and biggest capacity to our global customers on proper time by mass-producing new products.” said Team Leader (Executive Director) Han Jin-man of Samsung Electronics’ Memory Business Department’s Product Planning Team. “We are going to grab upper hands in markets for games and graphic cards by releasing next-generation GDDR6 graphic DRAM earlier than everyone else and we are also planning to actively respond to increased demands from automotive markets and network markets.”

Samsung Electronics established this industry’s biggest lineup of premium memories by being the only business to supply 2.4Gbps 8GB HBM2 DRAM (transmission of 307GB data per second) and 18Gbps 10-nano 16GB and 8Gb GDDR6 DRAMs (transmission of 72GB data per second) and it has been carrying the growth of this market.

It is heard that Samsung Electronics’ competitors are also working fast to prepare mass-production system for GDDR6 DRAMs.

SK Hynix is planning to mass-produce 20-nano 8Gb GDDR6 DRAMs, which were developed last year, starting from the second quarter. In addition, it is going to finish development of 10-nano 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM during the second half of this year and start mass-producing it in early 2019.


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