Digital Tribe and Scherzo Games announced today that the twin-stick thrower Cyberpulse will release on Steam on May 21st for $14.99. Innovative game physics combine with the intense action of twin-stick shooters, the breakneck speed of shmups, and the dynamic exploration of metroidvanias for an electrifying adventure. Along with local two player co-op and four player versus, Cyberpulse offers hours of flashy retro fun that anyone can enjoy.

Rather than shooting bullets, you control cyberkinetic forces to fling, yank, and blast viruses into molten firewalls. Cyberpulse features over 50 levels in a non-linear campaign, with a diverse cast of enemies, bosses, and collectible secrets that reward exploration. Each level is hand-crafted with just enough randomness to stay fresh as you chase that next high score.

Inspired by classics like Geometry Wars and Towerfall Ascension, Cyberpulse includes local two player co-op and four player competitive multiplayer modes. Have a friend join you to tackle devious level gimmicks and titanic bosses, or take them down one of over one hundred versus arenas. Then, keep your multiplayer experience fresh with dozens of customizable settings, whether you want a crazy party game or a competitive arena brawler!


  • A blend of genres: twin-stick shooters, shmups, arena battlers, and even metroidvanias contribute their mechanics creating a unique gameplay experience
  • Innovative game physics: rather than shooting bullets, you control cyberkinetic forces to hurl your enemies into molten firewalls
  • 50+ hand-crafted levels in a non-linear campaign full of collective secrets to reward exploration 
  • Local two player co-op: coordinate your movements and try not to toss your teammate into a firewall (or throw them around just for the laughs)
  • Four player versus: dunk your friends in 100+ exhilarating versus arenas
  • Customizable multiplayer experience: tweak dozens of settings to create exactly the kind of gameplay experience you want, from a crazy party game to a competitive arena brawler
  • modern take on retro classics with amazing vector-like graphics and an original synthwave soundtrack

By Natsumi Vélez

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