Lead your forces across the continent, fighting with your female companions by your side

2P Games and indie developer Wind Runner announce today the upcoming release of the strategic roguelike Re:Lord – Tales of Adventures. Set to launch on May 10th 3 am EDT, this captivating card-based strategic roguelike will be available for purchase at 7.99 USD, with a release discount of a 20% off. This anime-inspired adventure seamlessly blends strategic elements, including deck-building, auto-battler mechanics, and territory management. Every adventure will be unique, as the land is procedurally generated, and the events and mysterious locations you find will depend on your luck! 

In Re:Lord – Tales of Adventures, players immerse themselves in a fantasy world where they are summoned as a protection deity by the queen to safeguard the land against a looming threat. Delve into an epic journey spanning the entire continent, commanding your forces in battle with your own deck, choosing between 300+ unique cards. Seize and develop territories, building facilities to gather resources and train new troops. Alongside you stand four formidable female companions, each bringing their unique powers and wisdom to aid you on your quest.


  • Create powerful card decks choosing between 300+ unique cards. Every card has its own strengths, weaknesses and strategic value, so choose carefully to create the most powerful deck you can! 
  • Auto-battler combat: your troops will fight for themselves, but it’s your tactical skill as a general that will make the difference. Choose when and how to deploy your soldiers to make the most of their forces, and cast powerful spells and skills to turn the tide of battle. 
  • Develop your territories: an army is as powerful as the logistics that sustain it! Build facilities that will allow you to gather resources and recruit soldiers for your armies to lay a solid foundation for your kingdom that will let you advance to new conquests. 
  • Each adventure is unique: an adventure that will last hundreds of hours: with a procedurally generated map, every playthrough will be unique; you decide where to explore next, how to develop your territories and when (and how) to engage in battle. 

By Natsumi Vélez

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