20+ new items: Selling points, production equipment, storage sheds & more

  • Distribution center & markets add new layers of gameplay around supply & demand
  • Daily demands reward fast delivery and smart logistical management
  • Farmers may wash their crops – and increase the yield!
  • New content for Farming Simulator 22 

More logistics, rising profits and increased sustainability: GIANTS Software publishes the Farm Production Pack for Farming Simulator 22 for PC and consoles, adding more place-ables, machines and gameplay mechanics around supply and demand. The launch trailer introduces many of the more than twenty new items, which enhances business opportunities for virtual farmers in the genre-leading simulation game.

New pack for New Business

Virtual farmers benefit from new selling points with dynamic prices and daily demand: vending machines in different sizes enhance their own farm, market stalls demand fresh produce and a supermarket requires processed foods.

One step further, building an agricultural empire is the 4,000-square-meter distribution center, equipped with heavy-loading shelves. Quick forklift unloading guarantees rewards, while customizable sheds and silos offer even more storage space for bulk products, vehicles, and tools.

Washing Crops & Solar Panels

New stationary equipment achieves higher selling prices: The washing drum for various crops, VDW’s Cleaner Tiger, which cleans and cuts sugar beets, as well as a remote-controlled cleaning robot for solar panels. Sustainability is also supported by an additional wind turbine and the Lely Sphere, a circular manure-handling system.
The Farm Production Pack is developed by Design, Modeling & Innovation (DMI) and published by GIANTS Software. It’s now available for Farming Simulator 22 on PC, Mac, PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

By Natsumi Vélez

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