The Street Fighter Masters series ups the ante with a platoon of fan-favorite female fighters!It’s time for Sakura to test her mettle! In this action-packed special issue, Sakura squares off against the lovely ladies of Street Fighter, battling Ibuki, Rainbow Mika, Elena, Makoto, Laura, Chun-Li… and EVEN MORE great characters! But what has turned these iconic game gals against one another!? UDON Entertainment is proud to announce the June 2024 release of Street Fighter Masters: Game Gals #1! This incredible one-shot featuring so many of the amazing characters from across Street Fighter history (every one mentioned above and more…) comes courtesy of writer David Lumsdon (My Little Pony: The Manga, Ménage à 3) and artist and cover B artist Tovio Rogers (Darkstalkers). Plus there are incredible variant covers by Andrea Cofrancesco, Kaijin-Man, and comics legend Brett Booth!BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! This issue also includes a special bonus story featuring the Korean kickboxing mercenary that everyone loves (or loves to hate!), JURI, written by Aaron Sparrow (Darkwing Duck) and featuring art by Hanzo Steinbach (Street Fighter)!This comic will be enjoyed by every generation of Street Fighter fan! Pre-order your copy TODAY with your local comic shop retailer, and get it in June 2024!

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By Natsumi Vélez

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