As Gibson proudly celebrates its 130th anniversary in 2024, Gibson continues to set the benchmark for craftsmanship, quality, innovation, and sound excellence.

NASHVILLE, TN (March 27, 2024) Gibson has been shaping the sound of music since 1894, when Orville Gibson designed and built his earliest-known musical instrument in his workshop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 130 years later, you can still play it and it sounds better than ever. The innovative and forward-thinking carved top design that revolutionized the mandolin and guitar world delivering a louder, more durable, more playable instrument, remains the DNA of every Gibson

Over the past 130 years, Gibson’s groundbreaking instruments have been the catalyst for some of the loudest and most resonant moments in pop culture. Many of these have been genre-defining—think of Maybelle Carter’s transformative impact on country music with her Gibson L-5™, “Father of Bluegrass” Bill Monroe and his F-5 mandolinEric Clapton picking up the torch from “Blues Fathers” Robert Johnson and Freddie King and blazing a new trail with the fabled “Beano” Burst, “Mother of Rock N ‘Roll” Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s SG Custom™, Tony Iommi inventing the vocabulary for heavy metal with his SG Special “Monkey,” Jimmy Page defining hard rock in front of a sea of people with a low-slung Les Paul™, and his double neck EDS-1275, Slash influencing generational movement and defying the laws of music with his own Les Paul, and Bob Marley popularizing reggae with his Les Paul Special. Today, female powerhouses such as Lzzy Hale and Olivia Rodrigo are setting new bars for rock and pop stardom with Gibson guitars as their instruments of choice, and the list goes on and on. On other occasions, the voices of Gibson instruments have been heard at seismic cultural events, such as Bob Dylan’s performance at the 1963 March on Washington. Or they have inspired new generations to pick up the guitar in iconic appearances on the silver screen, such as the unforgettable Enchantment Under the Sea dance scene in the 1985 movie Back to the Future.

“We are in music, with instruments, sound, and media across our brands; we are one of the most iconic companies in music. Artists have chosen us to create genres of music and continually choose Gibson and our brands. As we celebrate 130 years since Orville Gibson started making instruments, I firmly believe that our best years are ahead of us. We are Gibson. Our craftspeople, our global team, our artists, and our fans, together are Gibson. In line with this, and to celebrate 130 years, we have changed our name from Gibson Brands back to Gibson, consistent with our focus and objective to make the best guitars in our history.”

— Cesar Gueikian, President, and CEO of Gibson

As part of Gibson’s commitment to an artist-first culture, over the past five years, the brand has introduced a series of programs to further the careers of a diverse roster of musicians and emerging artists across multiple genresGibson is dedicated to developing the next generation of musicians with thGibson Generation Group (Gibson G3). The Gibson Generation Group is a powerful two-year mentorship program that fosters a diverse new generation of young guitar players, songwriters, and music creators across the globe. The program encourages young players to pursue a career in music by providing monthly artist mentorships, one-on-one artist relations support, instrument loans, collaborative promotions, performance opportunities, and inclusion in global marketing campaigns. The global collective of talented young players in the G3 program receive career growth opportunities and develop lasting connections throughout the music industry with support from the Gibson Leadership and Cultural Influence teams. 

The Gibson Marquee Artist program invests in furthering the careers of artists on the rise who reflect the brand’s mission to celebrate and amplify music across genders, genres, and generations. Marquee Artists have access to Gibson’s global resources and work with the brand to create collaboratively inspired cultural campaignsparticipate in product development and launches, and join in special events across Gibson products and social channels, reaching millions of fans worldwide. 

Additionally, the newly launched Gibson Artist Spotlight program provides emerging artists from diverse genres around the world with global exposure to new music fans, and services committed to their career growth. The Artist Spotlight roster features artists from North and South America, Europe, China, and Japan.

Gibson also continues to support the music community via its philanthropic endeavor, Gibson Gives, assisting non-profit organizations in their efforts to advance musicians, youth-focused music education, health and wellness initiatives, and inclusive musical partnerships. The Gibson Gives Scholarship program has provided direct financial support to young students with music career aspirations and is on track to help many more players in 2024. Gibson Gives is committed to cultivating and offering steadfast support for all communities. To date, Gibson Gives has raised over $4.5 million and enabled $46 million in funding for key organizations through product donations and meaningful giving worldwide, with 100 percent of all donations to and from Gibson Gives going towards providing the gift of music

Above: Gibson Garage London main room.

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