Solve puzzles and gather clues to discover why a sophomore student disappeared back in 2005

2P Games and Universe Studio announce that their Japanese-style horror mystery visual novel Other Side of Mist and Mountain will be available on Steam today at 7:30pm PDT for $10.99 / €10,79 with a 10% launch discount. In this adventure you will follow the steps of Shizuno Yokoyama, a young man who became a detective after the disappearance of her girlfriend in strange circumstances. Five years earlier, she vanished into thin air at a train station, on her way to a flash mob organized by an occult forum — and what’s even more intriguing: with her, the train station itself disappeared too. Now it’s 2010, and you, now specialized in investigating inexplicable, occult cases, have never stopped searching for her. Suddenly some new cases bring clues that might get you closer to an answer — but as your investigation deepens, you will get increasingly entangled in a web of mysteries.  


  • Solve puzzles and investigate clues to advance through a story that blends elements of horror, mystery, deduction, and folk tales.
  • Choices matter. Trigger different storylines depending on the decisions you make along the way.
  • Investigate requests that involve supernatural elements to find clues that get you closer to Maha.
  • Explore maps, engage in dialogues with a diverse cast of characters, and pay attention to every little detail in each scene to solve the mystery of Maha’s disappearance.