Warhorse Studios releases a new Patch for the medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance available for PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One.

The patch contains a new customizable hair and beard mechanic, new unarmed mercy kills and a free HD Texture pack and Sound DLC for PC. As an Easter Holiday surprise Warhorse also included literal Easter eggs and an Easter themed traditional Czech “Weapon” called “Pomlázka”.

New Patch 1.4: Easter Special and Free HD Texture & Audio PC DLC

The new Patch 1.4 introduces new beard and hair mechanics to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Players will now be able to visit the bathhouses in Kingdom Come to customize their appearance. Getting a fresh haircut also improves charisma. On the other hand, newly added unarmed mercy kills support a more violent approach to your quests. For the special occasion of the Easter Holiday Warhorse also added a limited time Easter special. Players can go on the hunt for real Easter eggs including one golden egg. In addition to the egg hunt Warhorse Studios also added an Easter themed traditional Czech “Weapon” called “Pomlazká” all wrapped up with the fixes for over 200 quest bugs.

By Video Game Dose Staff

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