Retro computer music seem to be taking over more and more recently. But this is not new, many people have been rockin’ to 8 bit music since the eighties.

A particular case, is with SID music, that coming from the legendary Commodore 64 computer.

Many of the original composers of great C64 tunes like the ones found on games like The Last Ninja 1 and 2, Batman The Caped Crusader or Gianna Sisters, are still active today, with many projects going on.

One of such projects is this great live concert, called “Back in Time Brighton ’15 – Live stage show of C64 Music“.

Many of us loved those C64 tunes, so hearing them live in a concert is a dream come true.

And well, this is the chance to back up a great idea, this live concert will take place in Europe, but there are many extras you can enjoy, even if you can’t travel there.

The event will take place on:

  • Date: Saturday 20th June 2015, Doors open at 5pm.
  • Venue: St George’s Church, Kemptown, Brighton.

One tier includes a t-shirt of the event, and full video of it, direct from the feed of the professional cameras on site, not recorded with a mobile phone from the audience. And also, Chris Abbot, C64 music legend and owner of the shop, will give you a random digital album with your pledge, even if the kickstarter is not funded.

So, you should support this great event before it’s too late. The kickstarter is on it’s last days, so there is still time.

Check it out on: