7th Guest is a video game many reading this article may be familiar with. The title is a puzzle stylized Horror game. “7th Guest” was developed by Trilobyte and published by Virgin Interactive. The game released in 1993 and became a sensation for its decade. “7th Guest” released during a time when video games were still in gaining traction. The title featured live action interactive movies as part of its core game play. This technique is know as Full motion video (FMV), and was used during the 1990’s video game era. Games employing FMV’s had mixed reviews. While these games struggled to find an audience Trilobyte’s “7th Guest”proved successful.

“7th Guest” redefined the gaming industry at the time. The title was the first PC game to release on CD format. A rich plot coupled with clever B movie type acting made it an instant cult classic. To answer the surge in popularity a sequel to “7th Guest” released two years later. The title to the sequel is called “11th Hour”. A third chapter to the franchise was aimed for production. Unfortunately, the project failed to come into fruition.

Fast forward to the present day. Darkstone Entertainment and Trilobyte have collaborated to resurrect “7th Guest” for modern audiences. The project is bound to introduce a sense of nostalgia. A ten episodic web series will debut next year. The Horror Mystery series will be directed by John Johnson. Actor Robert and “7th Guest” original composer George Sanger confirmed for the project. A teaser trailer to “7th Guest” web series was released.

Source: decaymag.com

By Video Game Dose Staff

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