In the main story of Fontaine, Arlecchino made an indelible debut even without showing her hand,
balancing the fine line between ally and adversary. Upon Version 4.6, we can discover more about
the power she possesses, the roles she plays, and the past that made her who she is today.

As the fourth Harbinger of the Fatui, Arlecchino aka “the Knave” shows an overwhelming strength
in combat with the use of Pyro, a polearm, and a special mechanic – the“Bond of Life”. First found
in some Fatui Operatives and certain weapon effects around Fontaine, the “Bond of Life” effect
stays on its target and prevents healing until the victim receives the same amount of healing equal
to the Bond of Life. However, Arlecchino is able to utilize the “Bond of Life” on herself to
strengthen her own attack.

When Arlecchino becomes a member of your team, how to pile up her Bond of Life with her
Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst is the key to surviving and sustaining an efficient offensive
rhythm. When Arlecchino has a Bond of Life greater than or equal to a certain percentage of her
health bar, she will enter a “Masque of the Red Death” state, converting her Normal, Charged, and
Plunging attacks to nonoverridable Pyro damage and consuming a portion of her current Bond of
Life to deal more Normal Attack damage and reduce her Elemental Skill cooldown. Arlecchino’s
Elemental Skill can apply Blood-Debt Directives and damage on multiple targets, and the Blood-
Debt Directives can be absorbed to increase her Bond of Life when she uses a Charged Attack or
heal herself when she uses her Elemental Burst. And her Elemental Burst is the only way to heal
herself in combat due to her unique Talent.

If you encounter the Knave as your enemy in the new Trounce Domain, how to out-healing the Bond
of Life and repay the Blood-Debt Directives she applies to you will be crucial to victory. With the
Bond of Life active on you, all her attacks against you will be enhanced. But if you manage to out-
heal the Bond of Life and repay the Debt, you will be rewarded as your Charged Attacks against her
are enhanced. As the fight proceeds to later phases, the Knave will gradually reveal more of her true
power as her crimson bone wings unfold. Travelers who are Adventure Rank 40 or higher can now
challenge her directly via a Quick Start in Adventurer’s Handbook, or follow her Story Quest to
raise the challenge.

Despite being a ruthless Fatui Harbinger with a horrifying power, Arlecchino is also called “Father”
by the children from the House of the Hearth with great trust and respect. The House of the Hearth
is a Fatui intelligence organization operated by The Knave. It takes in children who no longer have
a home due to all manner of reasons, and teach them a variety of disciplines. In Arlecchino’s Story
Quest “Ignis Purgatorius”, you may find out the unique charm of the character and why she is called
“the Father” in her past.

Arlecchino and Lyney may be recruited in the first half of Version 4.6 Event Wishes, followed by
Wanderer and Baizhu in the second half. In addition, the new weapon “Crimson Moon’s Semblance”,
a 5-star polearm that enhances the combat ability regarding the Bond of Life, will also become
available in the first half of Version 4.6.

By Natsumi Vélez

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