Venturing southeast from Romaritime Harbor nestles a small village named Petrichor. Here begins
a new adventure to discover the fabled Kingdom of Remuria, a once thriving realm now cradled by
deep water, slumbering soundlessly with its narrative lost to the waves. Ruled by King Remus,
Remuria mysteriously disappeared in history, well before the establishment of the Court of Fontaine.

However, strange occurrences started to emerge in Petrichor recently. Led by a talking cat, we’ll
navigate through the sunken castle and dive into an enchanting and vibrant deep-sea area “Sea of
Bygone Eras” to unveil the truth behind the kingdom’s fall. Even a mysterious dragon of dreamy
appearance will await silently ahead.

King Remus also composed a “Symphony”, carried with wondrous power that Travelers may use to
unleash special soundwaves, resonating with a variety of swaying or wandering underwater
creatures and mysterious mechanics during the adventure. Meanwhile, another boss enemy “Legatus
Golem”, a centaur-shaped enemy awaits in the recess of the Faded Castles with a sword, shield, and
a blazing melody of flames.

By Natsumi Vélez

Hello! I'm Natsumi Vélez, editor and part of I focus on finding the most exciting news. I have been a player for as long as I can remember, I know how to defend Pokémon names well, but generation 5 is my favorite of all besides Pokémon X Y and I always chose Snivy and Fennekin in those two games. He has only played one old game from my Zelda days, which is Spirit Tracks, it is my favorite but I still have to finish it, as a child it was somewhat difficult. I also enjoy anime from Candy Candy, Doraemon and Sailor Moon, the series before Sailor Moon Crystal, super fan of Sailor Pluto's transformation music, and I watch anime more from this era like Spy x Family, A Silent Confession, Apothecary Diaries, Osomatsu-San, Shield Hero, BNA (Brand New Animal known by the creator who also made Luluco San and Little Witch Academia as well as an episode of the Star Wars series “Visions”) Romance Killer, My Fiance (The One with Miss Miyo) the odd episode of Dragon Ball, Love Live, I think all the Ghibli movies except his son's except for one, My Hero Academia, Blue Period (my favorite) and more. I know how to draw, write and dance, I could soon make covers of the news I publish if there is an opportunity. New generation Gamer, with an eye for the latest news on video games and entertainment. A key piece of the Staff reporting for duty!