Team21, developer of Dungeons of Aledorn, now funded, would like to thank all of the backers, press, tweeps and RPG fans out there who not only supported the campaign but also helped the game fund. Now that the Kickstarter campaign has finished, you can still support the game via the new webstore.

“The Kickstarter campaign was nerve wracking, but we made it! Dungeons of Aledorn will become a reality, thanks to you all!” said Danny Nezmar, producer. “We’d now like to extend our campaign. So, if you’ve not already pledged there are still some fantastic rewards on offer and with your help, we can reach further stretch goals!”

Inspired by classical RPGs such as Betrayal at Krondor and King’s Bounty, the world of Dungeons of Aledorn is stricken by war, and the once defeated Orc tribes have again gathered their strengths and gained new allies to help them re-conquer their lost lands. It’s a harsh time when deserters and cowards plunder and prey upon the weak and kill on the whim; a world that’s in desperate need of a band of heroes to rally and save the day.

Players use their wits in exploration mode to engage enemies at suitable locations and use the scenery to your advantage to increase your chances of success; whilst managing characters´ actions, even during travelling and camping in order to craft, repair or find useful items or just to protect yourself against enemy ambushes.

You can find the webstore at:

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