MINIDAYZ, Bohemia Interactive‘s free 2D browser game based on the standalone version of DayZ, just got a little bigger with the introduction of multiplayer. Supporting up to 20 mini-survivors, players can band(it) together by joining one of the official servers, or by hosting an own server together with their friends. Lunch breaks will never be the same!

In addition to multiplayer, today’s major MINIDAYZ update also features drivable cars, which will help people get around the 1.8 km² map quicker. Some of the mechanics from MINIDAYZ’s singleplayer, however, such as crafting, have yet to be implemented into multiplayer, but fresh updates with moar features, and potentially even new multiplayer modes, are on the way.

MINIDAYZ Multiplayer Version 1.0.0 changelog
(and the differences with MINIDAYZ Singleplayer Version 1.2.0)

  • Ability to create your own servers
  • Drivable vehicles (VS3, UAZ, Volga) and gasoline added
  • Game chat added, you can write to all players on server or only to players you see (can be switched by clicking on chat icon)
  • Gestures added for faster communication
  • New hidden places and secret locations on map

MINIDAYZ Multiplayer Version 1.0.0 does not yet contain:

  • Character saving position and loot
  • Tree chopping
  • Taking knives as melee
  • Tents
  • Closable building doors

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