The Rival Schools series joins an iconic Capcom cast in this explosive school-themed card expansion!

Go back to school and fight for the coveted seat of Bancho Boss in the “いくぜ青春!熱血学園 Schoolyard Royale” (Ikuze Seishun! Nekketsu Gakuen Schoolyard Royale) card expansion, launching in TEPPEN today. The vigorous fighting game series Rival Schools makes its debut, while other Capcom favorites, including characters from the Street Fighter series, Darkstalkers series, Mega Man X series, and more, appear with new school looks in this academically inspired story.

Today, TEPPEN was also added to Google Play Games (Beta), making it playable on Windows PC for the first time.

Rule the School
Nekketsu High is a haven for students wanting to live life on their own terms. Although Darkstalkers’ carefree Sasquatch is the principal, a single student known as the “Bancho Boss” is the true campus leader. Rival Schools’ Daigo Kazama filled that position, but after his recent graduation, the seat of Bancho Boss is now up for grabs. The student body hosts the “Nekketsu Battle Royale” to determine a worthy successor of the title, with four promising candidates of different ideologies competing: Batsu Ichimonji (Rival Schools) fighting for friendship, Cammy (Street Fighter) defending morals, Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) supporting desire, and Sigma (Mega Man X) dueling for power.

New Cards
Fighting to sit on the Bancho Boss throne, the Red card “Blazing Buddy Batsu,” the Green Card “The Moral Warrior Cammy,” the Purple Card “Desire Manifest Morrigan,”  and the Black Card “Hardcore Leader Sigma” brace for intense competition. Here’s a look at the Red card Blazing Buddy Batsu:

  • Type: Unit
  • Tribe: Human
  • Attack: 1
  • HP: 5
  • MP: 4
  • Effects:
    • Destroyed by Damaging Effect: Gain +1/+1 and <Combo>.
    • <Quest>: Your Hero uses a Hero Art.
    • Lv. 2: Gain +1/+1, <Crush> (13 seconds), and “Effect Damage taken becomes 1.”

Limited-time Events
An Adventure Mode event based on “いくぜ青春!熱血学園 Schoolyard Royale” is available now, introducing a ★4 map, unique relics, icons, and other rewards. New maps and relics will be added in May and June. 

Additionally, players can take on the “BATTLE TRIAL” event quest. The challenge features new maps and rewards players who clear it with pack and SP tickets.

Campaign Exclusives
Prepare for the Nekketsu Battle Royale with these limited-time card packs and Jewel bundles:

  • TEPPEN Special Pack 29: A special pack provides a chance to get Legendary Cards and EX Skins, including the unique EX skin Nico’s Jacket (Devil May Cry series) for the “Nero” Hero. Available from April 10 through April 25.
  • Easter Event Pack 2024: A celebratory springtime pack with a Legendary Charge of 10, making it significantly easier to obtain a Legendary Card. Players can get these festive packs through Presents, EX Grand Prix “TEPPEN Easter 2024”, EX Grand Prix Support Mission, and the Campaign Ticket JEWEL SET. Available from April 10 through April 25.
  • “いくぜ青春!熱血学園 Schoolyard Royale” JEWEL SET 1: This set provides players with 10,000 Jewels, the Nekketsu High, Rooftop – TEPPEN battle background, and a NEKKETSU GAKUEN SCHOOLYARD ROYALE player icon. Available now until June 30.
  • “いくぜ青春!熱血学園 Schoolyard Royale” JEWEL SET 2: This set provides players with 10,000 Jewels, the Nekketsu High, Main Gate – TEPPEN battle background, and a Hinata Wakaba player icon. Available now until June 30.

Players can also pick up the New Pack Celebration JEWEL SET, available from March 31 through April 10, to acquire 30 “いくぜ青春!熱血学園 Schoolyard Royale” Pack Tickets and 240 Jewels. Other pack sets, including the Mini Jewels & Extras Set, Grand Card Pack Ticket Set, and Campaign Ticket JEWEL Set, will be purchasable until April 25. 

Additionally, limited-time BGMs, Rival School’s Taiyo J.H.S. – Grounds and Taiyo H.S. – Rooftop, will be available in the Soul Shop for 5,000 Souls each until April 25.

Card Rotation
The “Turnabout Festival” card set rotates out of Standard Mode with the introduction of “いくぜ青春!熱血学園 Schoolyard Royale.”