All on board! Prepare for a heartfelt adventure into a whimsical afterlife world.

 Mind-bending puzzle enthusiasts alike are in for a treat as A Guidebook of Babel, the overwhelmingly positive hand-painted narrative-driven puzzle adventure game with “butterfly effects” at its core, announces a significant 25% discount on Steam from May 7 to May 21.

Developed by StarryStarry, A Guidebook of Babel has received widespread praise from the player base since its release. With its unique hand-painted art style, rich narrative and thought-provoking puzzles, the game offers an experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

Recognized for its compelling storytelling and innovative “time-manipulating” gameplay, A Guidebook of Babel takes players on an unforgettable journey through a whimsical realm where life and death intertwine. Set in a world where souls are harvested by a unique apparatus, with their memory extracted as fuel, and transported to the Babel—a mysterious cruise ship to the afterlife, the game explores themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption. Throughout the journey, you have the power to help fellow travelers fulfill their dreams by rewriting the past to change how future events unfold, and learn the art of saying goodbye without regrets.

A Guidebook of Babel is now available on Steam at its lowest price ever. Don’t miss this chance to dive into a world of mystery, dark humor, and profound storytelling. Visit the Steam store page to purchase the game and board the Babel today!

By Natsumi Vélez

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